Plastic Bath Brush Double Side
  • Plastic Bath Brush Double SidePlastic Bath Brush Double Side
  • Plastic Bath Brush Double SidePlastic Bath Brush Double Side

Plastic Bath Brush Double Side

The Shida® Plastic Bath Brush Double Side typically has a handle made of plastic for a comfortable grip. On each side of the brush head, there may be different types of bristles or textures to cater to various skincare needs.


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Product Description

Plastic Bath Brush Double Side Specification

Item NO:SD145
Carton size:48X28X55.5cm (60pcs)

Here are common features you may find on a plastic bath brush with a double-sided design:

Soft Bristles: One side of the brush may have soft bristles designed for gentle cleansing and exfoliation. These bristles are suitable for sensitive skin or for areas that require a milder touch.
Firm Bristles: The other side of the brush may feature firmer bristles that provide a deeper exfoliation and more vigorous scrubbing. These bristles are ideal for areas that need a more intense cleanse or for individuals who prefer a stronger exfoliating action.
Massage Nodes: Shida® Plastic Bath Brush Double Side may incorporate massage nodes or nodules on one side. These nodes offer a massaging effect on the skin, helping to stimulate circulation and provide a relaxing bathing experience.
Textured Surface: Instead of bristles, one side of the brush may have a textured surface, such as silicone or ridges. This textured surface can provide additional exfoliation and help remove dead skin cells more effectively.
Detachable Brush Heads: Certain double-sided plastic bath brushes feature detachable brush heads. This allows you to easily switch between different brush heads with various bristle types or textures, depending on your skincare needs.
The double-sided design of a plastic bath brush provides versatility, allowing you to choose the appropriate side for different areas of your body or varying skin conditions. It offers the convenience of having multiple cleansing and exfoliating options in a single tool.
Remember to rinse the brush thoroughly after each use and let it air dry to maintain hygiene. Regular cleaning and replacement of brush heads, if applicable, will help ensure optimal performance and longevity of the brush.

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