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How can 95% of people be satisfied with the plastic monofilament of a facial wash brush?


From 100 types of feedback, it was learned that the performance of the plastic monofilament of the facial wash brush was the key to this experience. 95 participants on site expressed satisfaction with the use of plastic monofilament, which means that the satisfaction rate of the facial wash brush is as high as 95%. How does a facial scrub do it? When the plastic monofilament of the facial wash brush has a uniform diameter and no large or small hairs, the hair grafting is very smooth, without jamming or curling, firmly embedded, and tightly arranged. The finished facial wash brush has a beautiful shape and a flat hair surface.

These properties play a crucial role in cleansing the skin. If a facial wash brush is comfortable to use and cleans well, it is mostly due to the plastic monofilament of the source facial wash brush. Not only does it have a soft and moderate touch, but it is also gentle and safe, with strong toughness, not easy to shed or deform, and has a long service life. In addition, it is best to have antibacterial function, which is non irritating to use.
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