Plastic Back Body Bath Brush
  • Plastic Back Body Bath BrushPlastic Back Body Bath Brush
  • Plastic Back Body Bath BrushPlastic Back Body Bath Brush

Plastic Back Body Bath Brush

Shida® plastic back body bath brush is a grooming tool designed to help you effectively clean and exfoliate your body during bathing or showering. It typically consists of a handle made of plastic, which provides a firm grip, and a brush head attached to the end of the handle.


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Product Description

The brush head is usually made of bristles or nylon fibers that are stiff enough to remove dead skin cells and promote blood circulation but gentle enough not to cause any discomfort or irritation. The plastic back body bath brush is designed to reach areas of the body that are difficult to access with your hands alone, such as your back.

Shida® Plastic Back Body Bath Brush Specification

Item NO:SD141
Carton size:55X47X40.5cm

Plastic Back Body Bath Brush Features

smooth glowing skin: soft, but sturdy bristles stimulate your circulation to help renew your cells and produce more collagen to give you that clean and freshly-scrubbed glow.
easy to hang onto: the ergonomic designed brush handle fits perfectly in your hand makes it easy to manage while brushing body.
reach every spot easily: the long handle allows you to reach your back and clean every spot on your body with large round brush head easily.
care instructions: after use, rinse gently in lukewarm water and dry at room temperature. the brush has a rope loop for hanging.
To use Shida® plastic back body bath brush, you wet the brush and apply your favorite body wash or soap onto the bristles. Then, using gentle pressure, you can scrub your body in circular motions, starting from your neck and working your way down to your feet. The brush can be especially useful for exfoliating rough or dry skin, improving skin texture, and promoting a healthy glow.
After each use, rinse the brush thoroughly and let it air dry. Regularly cleaning and drying the brush helps prevent the growth of bacteria or mold.
Overall, Shida® plastic back body bath brush is a handy tool for enhancing your bathing routine and keeping your skin clean, healthy, and rejuvenated.

Product Details

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