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  • Our Stainless Steel Foot File is the perfect tool to remove calluses, dead skin, rough patches, and other imperfections from your feet, leaving them feeling soft and smooth like never before.

  • A smooth foot file is a grooming tool used for the care and maintenance of your feet. Unlike traditional foot files that have abrasive surfaces, a smooth foot file typically has a surface made of materials like ceramic, glass, or metal that is designed to gently smooth and buff the skin on your feet, rather than aggressively exfoliating it.

  • An exfoliating pumice foot file is a foot care tool designed to help remove dead skin, calluses, and rough patches from your feet. It typically consists of a pumice stone attached to a handle or grip, making it easy to hold and use. Pumice is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that has a rough, porous texture, which makes it effective for gently exfoliating and smoothing the skin.

  • A double-sided foot rasp foot file is a grooming tool used for exfoliating and removing dead skin and calluses from the feet. It typically consists of a handle attached to a foot file with two different surfaces: a coarse side and a finer side. The coarse side is designed to efficiently remove thicker layers of dead skin and calluses, while the finer side helps to further smooth and refine the skin.

  • As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Short Handle Pumice Brush . And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.Introducing the Short Handle Pumice Brush, the perfect tool for achieving smooth, soft and beautiful feet.

  • A long handle pumice brush is a grooming tool designed for foot care, particularly for exfoliating and smoothing rough and calloused skin on the feet. It typically consists of a pumice stone or abrasive surface attached to a handle, allowing you to reach and treat different areas of your feet without straining or bending over.

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