Oval Plastic Body Brush
  • Oval Plastic Body BrushOval Plastic Body Brush
  • Oval Plastic Body BrushOval Plastic Body Brush
  • Oval Plastic Body BrushOval Plastic Body Brush

Oval Plastic Body Brush

An oval plastic body brush is a grooming tool designed for cleansing and exfoliating the skin during bathing or showering. It features an oval-shaped brush head made of plastic with bristles or scrubbing elements.


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Product Description

An oval plastic body brush is a practical tool for enhancing your bathing routine by effectively cleansing and exfoliating your skin. Its shape and design allow for efficient coverage and better accessibility to hard-to-reach areas, promoting healthier, smoother skin.

Oval Plastic Body Brush Specification

Item NO:SD166
Carton size:54X27X46.5cm

Here are some features commonly found in an oval plastic body brush:

Oval Shape: The brush head of an oval plastic body brush is shaped like an oval or elongated oval. This shape allows for broader coverage when cleansing and exfoliating larger areas of the body, such as the back, torso, and legs.
Plastic Construction: The brush head and handle of an oval plastic body brush are typically made of plastic. Plastic materials are durable, easy to clean, and water-resistant, making them suitable for use in the shower or bath.
Bristle Type: The bristles on an oval plastic body brush can vary in length, thickness, and stiffness. Some brushes may have soft bristles for a gentle cleansing experience, while others may have firmer bristles for a more thorough exfoliation.
Handle Design: The handle of an oval plastic body brush is usually ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip. It allows for better control and maneuverability during use, ensuring that you can effectively reach different areas of your body.
Hanging Loop: Many oval plastic body brushes come with a hanging loop or hook at the end of the handle. This feature allows you to conveniently hang the brush in your shower or bathroom, ensuring easy access and proper drying after use.
Waterproof Construction: Oval plastic body brushes are designed to be waterproof, allowing them to be used in wet environments without any damage to the brush or handle.
To use an oval plastic body brush, wet the brush and apply your preferred body wash or soap to the brush head. Gently scrub your body in circular motions, focusing on areas that require cleansing or exfoliation. The oval shape and bristles effectively remove dirt, dead skin cells, and impurities from the skin's surface.
After each use, rinse the brush thoroughly and let it air dry. Regular cleaning and drying help prevent the growth of bacteria or mold, ensuring optimal hygiene.

Product Details

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