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Benefits of foot file

Benefits of foot file

Foot file set, a skin care tool used to remove dead skin cells from the feet. The foot file is usually double-sided sandpaper.

foot file, different thicknesses, one side for rough rubbing and the other side for resurfacing.foot file setbacks generally do not have any metal accessories, which eliminates the danger of scratches and pollution caused by metal to the human body. It can easily exfoliate dead skin, and has the effect of massaging and accelerating blood circulation of feet.

When soaking feet in hot water, rub back and forth with pedicure water. Milky white liquid gradually appears on the surface of the sandpaper. Rinse well after use and let it dry naturally! Some foot files are usually dry-grinded due to their waterproof performance. In this way, the friction between the sandpaper and the dead skin is too strong, and there is a burning sensation when the sandpaper and dead skin are rubbed against each other. It is also difficult to clean, which is helpless and violates the principles of physics. Rinse it after use, and put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry, never expose it to the sun!